Peer-Reviewed Articles

Lively, C. J., Snook, B., Luther, K., McCardle, M. I., & House, J. C. (2022). A preliminary exploration of the multimedia principle’s’ applicability for improving comprehension of youth interrogation rights. Criminal Justice and Behavior [Special Issue] [PDF].

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Book Chapters

Watt, M. C., MacLean, K., Gallagher, C., & Lively, C. J. (2014). Hybristophilia: Distorted lovemaps? In M. C. Watt (Ed.), Explorations in forensic psychology: Cases in criminal and abnormal behaviour (pp. 143-167). Toronto, ON: Nelson Education Ltd.


Other Contributions

Lively, C. J., & Snook, B. (2021). Adults and youth do not understand all components of youth interrogation rights when presented in multimedia format.  Crime Scene, 28(2), 22-27. [PDF]

Lively, C. J., & Snook, B. (2020). Animated interrogation rights: Can a multimedia presentation improve youths’ comprehension of their interrogation rights? Crime Scene, 27(1), 9-12. [PDF]

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Lively, C. J. (2014). If you build it, they will come: New special concentration in forensic psychology offered at StFX. Mind Pad, 3, 22-26. [PDF]


Presentations (Selected)

Lively, C. J., Fallon, L., & Fahmy, W. (2019, May). Do Judges Ask Appropriate Questions for Seeking the Truth? A Field Study of Magistrate Questioning. Poster presented at the 4th North American Correctional & Criminal Justice Psychology Conference, Halifax, NS.

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Lively, C. J., & Snook, B. (2017, June). Seeking or Providing the Truth? A Field Study of Lawyer Questioning Practices in Court. Poster presented at the 78th Annual Canadian Psychological Association Convention, Toronto, ON.

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Lively, C. J., Keeping, Z., Eastwood, J., & Snook, B. (2017, April). Don’t Stop Believing: The Relative Impact of Internal Alibi Details on Judgments of Veracity. Talk presented at the Forensic Psychology in Canada Conference, Ottawa, ON.

Lively, C. J., Keeping, Z., Eastwood, J., & Snook, B. (2016, June). Exploring the Relative Strength of Factors Impacting Alibi Believability through Policy-Capturing. Poster presented at the 9th Annual International Investigative Interviewing Research Group Conference, Latimer, Buckinghamshire, London, England.

Lively, C. J., & Watt, M. C. (2014, May). Can music soothe the anxiety sensitive soul? Poster presented at the 38th Annual Science Atlantic Undergraduate Psychology Conference, Fredericton, NB.

Lively, C. J., Koch, E. J., & Weaver, A. D. (2013, October). Should we or shouldn’t we? Anticipated regret within friends with benefits relationships. Talk presented at the 40th Annual Canadian Sex Research Forum Conference, Charlottetown, PEI.



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